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Some poems about the print industry by Year 6 children from St Matthew's Primary School.

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type case

Michael Delaney

Michael Delaney
he really did no harm,
killed by the little white mice,
on his friend's birthday.
Devastating loss,
a happy innocent boy
he really did no harm,
Michael Delaney.

An Art

Deafening noise
Strong smells
moving around the room
It's hard work
But it's worth it
It's not like before
Now you just click print,
it used to be an art.


Murdoch's in control
There is nothing I can do
He gave us the sack
He never turned back

He brought the strike
That no one liked

He brought technology
This meant we were not needed

Without Murdoch
I would have my job!


Stains on my shirt
Stains everywhere
But I need the money
I need the job!

The strike started
We weren't defeated
We had to persevere

Then the secret was unleashed
The new technology has arrived
Murdoch a powerful steam roller
What he demanded
Was delivered

Nothing could be done
To change his mind
So now,
Your best friend,
Our enemy!

I wake up in the morning, grabbing my iPhone to check the news. I remember how it was before, when there was no technology, there were only our hands, to be used. This reminds me of the printing press, many years ago.

Memories spring in my mind; reminding me of when I used to make large newspapers, organising the type from right to left. We had to take night shifts to make sure the newspapers were fresh and ready for the next day. ‘Hot of the press’ they used to call it. A messy and sometimes painstaking job to do, but we did it!

Now, I see them being made on only a small laptop and a printer, the size of a shoe box. We can read the news using digital media or pick up a newspaper for free. It wasn’t like that before!

Innovation changed it.
Innovation changed the world.
Innovation changed MY life!


Printing and printing
Printing all night
So tired but work goes on
Ink on my hands
Ink on my clothes
Gotta stay fresh
Gotta finish
Gonna take days

I got to work
I got to work
Tired, but I got to work
The printing must be done
The printing will be done
The printing is done!

Losing my job

working and working,
all day long,
can't wait to finish,
when will it end ?

I hear a speech,
I've lost my job,
what will I do?

I complain,
As I'm sad in pain,
I need a home,
I don't want to be alone.

The old printer

We have lots of money,
How can we spend it?

We are out of business,
New printers are taking over!

We're left in the corner
Just left to rot,
People walk past,
Neglecting us,

What will we do?
Will they destroy us?
We need preserving
We need recognition.

Black Old Dusty Printing Press

Black old dusty,
Leaking ink everywhere,
Adored printing-smells fill the air.
Cold type along the shelves,
eys, small, with potential to unlock big dreams!

Old machines resting in one position,
Locking the door,
Dreams fade away!

Dawn the time, when the room lights up,
Unions, march along the streets,
Seeking compensation
Teaching other people,
Yesterday’s skills

Some poems about the print industry by Year 6 children from St George the Martyr Primary School.

type case

Printing began over 3,000 years ago,
Rare and ancient printing was done in many ways,
Inks were used, blocks as well,
Now printing has travelled all over the world,
The system is used to help with education,
In many different ways printing made the first religious books,
Newspapers were first inventing using very old printers,
Gave adults and children a chance to read, write and learn. So go and try printing yourself.

Printing, a fun way to relax your hands,
Over 3,000 years ago it was made,
Different objects were used,
Not technology but only fingers,
It may be hard could weigh tones,
But helps with education,
So come on,
Don’t wait long,
Try it,
You’ll have lots of fun.

I was born in a big room, surrounded by machines in all different sizes clicking
and buzzing for attention,
Grew up with a man,
William Caxton,
A young friendly craftsmanship
Who built and took care of me,
He was extremely smart and kind,
But always made me do work,
Tired and breathless I couldn’t even speak,
Caxton days went quickly,
He left me cold inside,
I miss his French, Latin and Dutch,
I miss his laugh and smile,
I also miss his unusual looking clothes,
I am a print machine, I hope you understand who I am.

Over three thousand years ago,
Very long time before,
Printing was invented,
Blocks were used,
Paper from china as well,
It might sound boring and normal,
But no it’s real,
It has an enormous history,
It took many, many years to print a page,
But they were not afraid,
A man so fair,
He was bored of hands,
So he made this invention,
It is still used to this day,
People take it for granted,
They don’t know the history,
But it is still real today.

Printing was created a long time ago,
and when no poor people could read,
they had no education
So they couldn’t succeed

The people who could read
Definitely did succeed

Printing began with hands
Rapid changes brought for people
If there was no printing
No education would happen
To help you write
If It wasn’t for books you wouldn’t have an education
Now you can read and write
Go and discover the beauty of printing

5 pushing and pressing
7 carving letters to make words
5 with exhausted hands

5 history is fun
7 learn many types of subjects
5 enjoy the fun

I was born in a room. While I was growing up I was with a German man called Gutenberg. He always makes me exhausting by printing a load of things. He is a good friend to me. He gives me an ink pot with some papers so I could write stories. I will remember all languages that you speak in like Dutch and Latin.

William Caxton, who was born on 1422 and died with a pen on his hand. You might not know him but you might know the machine.

5 printing is easy
7 computers are great machine
5 this is wonderful

S o many riots
Taking in battle
Riots starting
In a violent way
Killing each other
Employees fighting back

Printing started over 2600 years ago
Reading and writing were for rich only.
In our days however anyone can read
Now we take things for granted
Today there are over a million books
I think we need to thank Caxton
Never not think of who created what we use today
Giving thanks to those who brought printing

Wooden blocks were what were used.
In the past
They were used like a stamp.
And dabbed on some ink
then pressed on the paper.

William Caxton changed the day,
he introduced the printing press.
Brought it to England
it made coping much, much easier.
Now our poor hands could rest
In 1491 in Caxton’s death,
his idea became revolutionary.

Right, now today
we have made his idea grow.
New things happened,
like metal squares
and new machines like the printing press begun.
People learned things from each other
and new ideas had come.


Printing is a clever thing,
find each letter,
place it on the bar
Tighten it up
You don’t want them coming off
Shillings you will loose
Put the sticks together
Place them on the printer
Paint it on the letters
Close the top board
Slide it in
There you go you are almost there
Turn the handle to press the page
Slide the board back over
Lift up the top board
Pick up your page and there are your words
It’s a masterpiece!


Printing press, the Stanhope and the Guttenberg
Revolutionary machines,
It started in 1475
Nowadays no books we would have,
Taken for granted
In 1492 the father of printing died
Not taking his idea to his grave,
Going through history, coming to now, we still use printing.

Haiku + Tanka

5 Use Chinese paper,
7 and a German screw,
5 German steel casing,
* * * * *
7 Use all of these components,
5 You’ll have something new.

Longer poem

Forged from a large clump of metal,
I was born,
That blacksmith that made me,
However not looking like me,
Was my father,
He regularly fed me,
Soft foreign paper,
Then in return I stamp his sheets,
To help make a living,
It was a small living,
Only 25 shillings,
The strong metal helped me grow,
Therefore enlarging our living.


1 I,
1 Moved,
2 To Fleet,
3 Street and I,
5 Created many,
8 Special books that you may know.