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Documentary film project exploring the history of Hatton Garden, the historic jewellery quarter of London.

A group of jewellery students from across London have made a film with digital:works focusing on the fascinating, hidden history of Hatton Garden in Central London. This area has been the centre of London's jewellery trade since the 18th century.

The participants have learnt about this history through a short series of talks and walks through the area before going on to meet the many crafts men and women working in the maze of workshops and shops in Hatton Garden. Many of these people and businesses date back several generations and their stories are the stories of the jewellery business in London, its trade, skilled workers, immigration, and how those cultures and skills have mixed to create a unique area. Behind the often plush shop fronts are a warren of ancient workshops and passageways to be explored in which skilled workers use techniques handed down through families and apprenticeships.

Thanks to the following for allowing us to film in their premises:
Assay Office
Holts Academy
Just Castings

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Watch the film on National TV

Lappings, Lemel & Sweps will be shown at 8pm on Saturday 29th March 2014 on the Community Channel.
Sky 539 | Virgin Media 233 | Freeview 63 | Freesat 651 | BT Vision

We have had lots of enquiries regarding the beautiful soundtrack of the film. We were able to use this through the generosity of Ben Wragg and Ahmed Dickinson, two very talented musicians, and is from the album "Folk Inspired Music for Violin and Guitar by Piazolla De Falla, Bartok and Martin". If you would like to purchase it you can put "Ben Wragg" into any online music outlet and you'll find it.

Diamond StreetWe would like to thank Rachel Lichtenstein for her illustrated talk and guided walk of Hatton Garden and the inspiration that her book Diamond Street gave us all. She is currently developing a free app giving a multimedia tour of the area. More details here.

Lappings, Lemel & Sweeps
Collectively all 3 refer to the precious metal retrieved and recycled for use:
Lappings refers to the retrievable residue left on the polishing mops.
Lemel is the precious metal dust created through sawing/filing which is caught in the peg.
Sweeps are the very small bits of metal swept off the floors.