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"More Hot for No.5"
Film Launch

The interviews have been edited along with old photos to make a wonderful oral history documentary called "More Hot for No 5". With candid stories of hardship and poverty, the war, camradery and street life, pubs and underground parties, immigration, campaigns, the Westway, Frestonia and more, this film celebrates the area by putting many of those who have lived here at the centre of this history.

The film will be premiered and presented by the children on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 at
Kensington Aldridge Academy
1 Silchester Rd
London W10 6EX
Tuesday 2nd June 2015

All of the interviewees will be there along with many others and there is some availability. If you would like to attend the launch please email us at

After the launch the film will be available to watch for free on this website.

More Hot for No.5 from digital:works on Vimeo.

This film will be publically available from Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Children from Barlby Primary School interview Doreen Marrow

Children interviewing Doreen Marrow about her life growing up in North West Kensington.

black soldiers North Kensington

Please visit the digital-works website where you will find other oral history projects covering the Golborne area, London Street Markets, Covent Garden, the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate, London Underground, Hatton Garden, the First World War and lots more. ·